Asad Ullah, PhD


         Karakoram International University, Department of Mathematical Sciences,
              Main campus, Gilgit, Pakistan


Dr. Asad Ullah is Associate Professor and Chairperson of the department of Mathematical Sciences at the  Karakoram International University Gilgit, Pakistan (KIU). He is associated with the department of Mathematical Sciences as faculty member since 2006. Dr. Asad Ullah obtained his Masters Degree in Mathematics from KIU with distinction (Gold medal) in 2006 and Doctors Degree from University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) in 2013. He has been awarded 'Certificate of excellence' from USTB in recognition of his contribution to the research field. He has published several research articles in reputed international JCR-listed journals with impact factor and peer reviewed international conferences.  He has been receipient of several research awards, some recent awards are '2nd prize in Natural Sciences' from Chinese Society for Stereology and Image Analysis, Ministry of Science and Technology China, and ‘2021 TMS Light Metals and Extraction & Processing Divisions Energy BEST PAPER AWARD" from The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, USA’. He is founding Editor-in-Chief of ‘Journal of Mountain Area Research’ (Official publication of Karakoram International University) and a regular reviewer of reputed international journals including Materials & Design, IEEE Access, Micron, Materials Research Express, Heliyon and several others. He is also serving as  grant proposal reviewer of the HEC Pakistan and other funding agencies. Dr. Asad's research focuses on the areas of applied and computational mathematics viz. computational geometry & combinatorial topology, graph theory, mathematical morphology, digital image processing and machine learning, applied to problems in Materials Science & Engineering, Chemistry and Biology. In particular, he mainly focuses on understanding the microstructural evolution in the course of grain growth, and structure-property relationships in materials through modeling, simulation and topological characterization of microstructures.